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A belated happy birthday...

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Sir Capote's birthday was and went and shamefully me nor anyone else mentioned it here in this little community but I'm making it all up by posting a little picture I found last night.
My aunt Joan sent me all of her old Vogue magazines, and one of them (dating back to December 1987) had a little feature on Truman and it was accompanied by this picture that at least I hadn't seen before.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
He looks like an arabian prince, very beautiful.
The caption reads "Truman Capote photographed by Cecil Beaton,
on holiday at El Farhar, Tangiers in 1949"
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That picture is extremely hot, he looks so golden.
I think this pic was taken when Truman went to see his friends ; the American writers Jane and Paul Bowles.
Thanks for the pic.